Thursday, June 18, 2009

Remember paisley?

I think my new dream career would be the President of Marketing for the city of Philadelphia's new tourism initiative called "With Love, Philadelphia, XOXO". It's amazing and creative and I am willing to be their personal Twitter-er or blogger. I am, I really am. If I wasn't so far along in my nursing education, I would definitely switch majors. Maybe I can be the city of Philadelphia's resident nurse blogger. I mean, the city of Brotherly Love needs to make sure they have all that lovin' under control. No what I'm sayin? 

Speaking of Philadelphia, have I mentioned how much I love it? Every corner you turn offers a different surprise. You have Bucks County, complete with Doylestown, New Hope, Lambertville, etc. (Kate, we're making a post-wedding trip...) Then you have Delaware County- Media is up and coming, and I'm pretty sure my own Wallingford has made the "top 10 places to raise a family" list once or twice. Then Northern Liberties- or "Nolib" as some might call it. If you are Italian and feeling a little homesick and the sausage hanging in the windows down in South Philly isn't doing it for ya- head over to the Piazza at Schmidt's and watch the Phillies game and play bingo and look at some art! Then obviously, there is Rittenhouse, Olde City, and Historic Philly. (If you are a 20 year old boy who decided to post an ad on Craiglist's missed connections looking for a "cute colonial-dressed girl", you may or may not find that said girl on third and Chestnut teaching some tourists how to play pick-up-sticks. But beware- she doesn't even have her driver's license yet.) Anyways, ALL this to say, I love the city so so much. And recently it has struck me that if I ever ever want to see myself in a loft in "Nolib" looking over the Piazza, I better darn well stop making trips to Target. 

In other news I am babysitting the puppy today. It's a Wheaton Terrier straight from Ohio. It goes to my Grandpa on Sunday so we have yet to name it. Today it has been referred to as "retard", "shorty", "polky puppy", "squirt", "rat", "pest", "annoying thing", and "shut the heck up". It has been a lose-lose day for me. If I keep it in the crate (which has been 80% of today), it sits there and cries REALLY LOUDLY. If I take it out, it darts from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room like a wild thing. Then bites Annie and Max- Annie is scared to death of the thing (ugh) and Max just bites it back. Overall, though, it's pretty cute and I wish it wasn't raining so I could take it out somewhere. 

I have to go to the bike store for the tenth time now to get my bike fitted. They have to do a bunch of calculations and measurements to make sure it's the perfect size for me, as to prevent pain when I ride. I am so excited to ride it! Hopefully Saturday I can do a 30 mile ride. I need to figure out a good course. 

Ok ciao ciao. 

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