Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My new favorite thing to do is cycling. I've been to Kelly Drive about 4 times this summer to bike the trail along the Schukyll and i've biked around Media and Cape May on the off times. It's so fun. I hate running and always have, but I think I have finally found the sport I love. I've been using my mom's really swell Peugeot 10-speed, but I really want my own. (Thanks to whoever stole mine). If $2,000 dropped on my lap, I would get this sucker: http://www.trekbikes.com/women/wsd_products/bikes/triathlon/equinox7wsd/
Buttttttt that doesn't seem realistic. The one thing on my birthday list is a new bike. I also want the cool jerseys to go with it and the cool shoes. Ugh dream on, sista. 

The only con of cycling is the massive thighs one might attain. That's the price you have to pay, I guess. 

In other news, I turn 21 in 11 days. WHAT WHAT! Due to the fact that one third of my best friends is under 21, I am attempting to come up with a way to either sneak her in under my coat, make real good friends with the bouncer, get her an ID somehow someway, or just go to a restaurant and scrap the lounge/bar idea. Honestly though, I am thinking of the restaurant because I have never been and will never be a lounge/bar/club girl. It ain't my style. Thus, I am thinking Mad Mex in University City for a lil' Mexican and some BIG ASS Margaritas. (No really, that's their name on the menu...) Ahh I will think of something. 

Oh my gosh, I got a snuggie for Jo for her birthday. I literally walked through Target with a grin on my face after I picked out the color. There's a one in a million chance that she will ever see this blog, but if she does: Jo, your one lucky kid. 

That's all...No one reads this anyways...
Ciao ciao

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  1. i read it!! :]
    i think it would be really fun to go to that mexican restaurant!! or BYOB?? i know of a few places in philly... like the one we went to for sarah's party.... the food was great and we had so much fun! lemmmee eknow what you think