Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This summer

so far this summer has been so eventful. 3 Phillies games, a trip to NYC, a dinner out in West Chester, work, at least 3 trips to the beach, twittering, lots of Phileo Yogurt, a Shins concert, tracking down the VanderWaal family, getting a new puppy (and living vicariously through the McGowen life), biking on Kelly Drive, new hair color, etc, etc. And there is so much more to come: Paramore concert, Elton John/Billy Joel concert, August Burns Red (guestlist) show, trip to Florida, more trips to beach, more fro-yo, TURNING 21!!!!!!, working on the 4th of July, and becoming tan. 
What a life..
Today is my 7th day in a row of not having to work. I will pay for all this starting Friday when I work three 12-hour shifts in three consecutive days. But then I have off again. Suckers...Anyways, I am deciding what to do on this fine day while sipping my coffee on the front porch. I'm thinking I will bike ride or run, take another trip to Target, go to Borders and get a book because I know I will probably get put on a one-on-one at work this weekend. I'm kind of excited to see all my friends at Sizzlin Summer tonight. I also really want to see The Hangover.
Speaking of that...I always try to analyze in my head certain cases where it's ok to be alone and where it just looks creepy. Eating breakfast or lunch at a cafe/diner is fine if you are solo. Eating dinner at a restaurant is usually not ok. Going to the movies alone is creepy. Going to a store alone is obviously not. 
I also need to compile a birthday list, says my mom. I don't really have anything on it except I really need/want a new bike. Mine got stolen at Delaware freshman year. Of course it would. Thus, I need a new one. I don't need clothes. I dont need shoes. I dont need a memory foam mattress cover (because I got that yesterday. and you are probably jealous). 
All I need is for you to buy me a draaaank.  

I think that's all. Hope you kept up.


  1. i did keep up and i will buy you a drink.
    and maybe some memory foam.

  2. haha I got to the movies solo...gee thanks :P

    when is we hanging out?!